BEPUphysics v1.2.0 released!

It is large and full of goodies; grab it on codeplex!

Updated Dependency Free and SlimDX forks will be available soon, along with a new SharpDX fork.

The forks are now available! 


BEPUphysics v1.1.0 released!

Go grab the new stuff on codeplex.


Webstuff shuffling nearing completion

Everything should be settling down.  The e-mails may be iffy for a little while longer.  If it takes longer than a day or two to get a response, try again using a forum private message.

This blog should now always be accessible at

The forums should now always be accessible at

If you have trouble logging into the forums, try clearing your cookies.


Shuffling some webstuff around

We'll be shuffling some data and domains to a new host over the coming weeks.

If the forum is inaccessible, try accessing it directly at

If this blog is inaccessible, try accessing it directly at

The Codeplex page at will be free of any major changes (apart from engine updates, of course!).


BEPUphysics v1.0.0: XNA, SlimDX, and everything else!

As always, grab the newest version on codeplex.

In addition to the regular upgrades, this version comes with updates to the previously available SlimDX fork.

Don't want to use XNA or SlimDX? No problem! There's now a dependency free version as well! The BEPUphysicsDemos project used to test the dependency-free library still relies on XNA, but the library itself is completely independent.

Here's some jazzy boxswarm-related entertainment, filmed in v1.0.0: