BEPUik v0.3.0 now available!

64 bit Blender builds with the latest BEPUik full body inverse kinematics addon now available!
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BEPUphysics v1.3.0 released!

Grab the new version! Check out the new stuff!

With this new version comes some changes to the forks. I've dropped the SlimDX and SharpDX forks in favor of focusing on the dependency free main fork.

The XNA fork will stick around for now, but the XNA fork's library will use BEPUutilities math instead of XNA math. Going forward, the fork will be used to maintain project configuration and conditional compilation requirements for XNA platforms.


I oopsed the forum

The forum is currently being de-oopsed; will update when de-oops process completes.

Update (6:06 PM):




I recently posted a couple of suggestions on uservoice that would save me from some future maintenance nightmares and improve the performance and memory usage of BEPUphysics in the long term.

First, it would be really nice to have wide support for unsafe code so that I wouldn't have to maintain a bunch of separate code paths. One of the primary targets of BEPUphysics, Windows Phone, does not currently support it. It would be nice if it did! If you'd like to help, vote and share this suggestion:

Second, generic pointers in C# would make dealing with low level memory management more modularizable and much less painful. I could do all sorts of fun optimizations in BEPUphysics without totally forking the codebase! Here's the related suggestion:

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Hey, where'd the dependency free version/XNA version go?

I've moved the Dependency Free fork into the main branch. Primary development from here on out will be on this dependency free version. Other forks will have changes merged in periodically (at least as often as major version releases).

If you're looking for the XNA version of BEPUphysics, head to the newly created XNA fork.

I still haven't gotten around to MonoGame-izing the BEPUphysicsDemos and BEPUphysicsDrawer, though, so they still rely on XNA.