I recently posted a couple of suggestions on uservoice that would save me from some future maintenance nightmares and improve the performance and memory usage of BEPUphysics in the long term.

First, it would be really nice to have wide support for unsafe code so that I wouldn't have to maintain a bunch of separate code paths. One of the primary targets of BEPUphysics, Windows Phone, does not currently support it. It would be nice if it did! If you'd like to help, vote and share this suggestion:

Second, generic pointers in C# would make dealing with low level memory management more modularizable and much less painful. I could do all sorts of fun optimizations in BEPUphysics without totally forking the codebase! Here's the related suggestion:

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Hey, where'd the dependency free version/XNA version go?

I've moved the Dependency Free fork into the main branch. Primary development from here on out will be on this dependency free version. Other forks will have changes merged in periodically (at least as often as major version releases).

If you're looking for the XNA version of BEPUphysics, head to the newly created XNA fork.

I still haven't gotten around to MonoGame-izing the BEPUphysicsDemos and BEPUphysicsDrawer, though, so they still rely on XNA.


BEPUik v0.2.0 is now available!

You can now grab the 64 bit builds of the full body inverse kinematics implementation for Blender!

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Hey, where'd the development fork go?

To avoid confusion going forward, I've killed off the development fork. All recent commits are now visible directly in the source code tab.

Now I just need to get around to setting up the new release...


BEPUphysics and XNA

As some of you may have noticed, there's been a recent uptick in the discussion of XNA's slow fading. As the main branch of BEPUphysics is still based on XNA, I think it would be appropriate to discuss the path of BEPUphysics.

For those of you who are not aware, BEPUphysics has long had multiple forks based on different libraries for easy math interoperation. The official forks include SlimDX, SharpDX, and the dependency free fork (and of course the main development fork, which is currently XNA). The dependency free fork has its own math systems and does not depend on anything beyond .NET or Mono's libraries.

As mentioned/hidden away in the version roadmap, one of the next two major packaged releases of BEPUphysics will move over to the dependency free fork. Already, you can see progress in this direction; the dependency free math utilities have been reorganized and expanded. Internally, we are already using the dependency free fork utilities for our projects.

Expect the swap to occur in the next six months as my procrastination is overridden by 1) internal development and 2) the fact that I haven't released a proper packaged version since May 2012. (The latter of which has lead to some confusion about whether development has halted- development continues and will continue!)

The most likely target frameworks for the rewritten demos will be either SharpDX or, for wider use, MonoGame.

There have also been some discussions about WinRT versions of BEPUphysics. WinRT is not a targeted platform for our internal projects, so it's a lower priority. However, there are a variety of little annoyances and API changes (particularly with threading) which make it nontrivial for people to pull it into WinRT projects; it would be nice to solve this in one spot so there isn't a bunch of redundant work being done. I will likely get around to it eventually- assuming someone else doesn't maintain a fork for it :) Anyone? :) :)   :)   :) :) :)      :) :) :)    <:)


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